Janey Buchan Political Song Collection

A major collection of materials housed by the University of Glasgow relating to political song and songs of social justice, together with other holdings of relevance from the fields of politics, social studies, and the performing arts.

Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust

A not for profit association established to continue the legacy of Alistair Hulett and the traditions of resistance through song and struggle through the provision of funding.

Andy Wightman

Blog and website of the author of 'The Poor Had No Lawyers', which every Scot ought to read.

Alastair McIntosh

A campaigner on land reform and a range of other interest relating to human ecology, particularly how it manifests in identity and belonging.


A web platform engaging creatively with contemporary land debates in the Scottish Highlands - a space to share knowledge, ideas, blogs, projects and resources.

Three Acres and a Cow

Provides a history of land rights and protest in folk song and story - a show that connects the Norman Conquest and Peasants’ Revolt with fracking and the housing crisis via the Enclosures and Industrial Revolution.


This film is an exploration and visual interpretation of the poem "Hallaig" by Gaelic poet Sorley MacLean. It aims to educate, inform and raise awareness of the social problems people endured during the period of the Highland Clearances.

Galloway Levellers

This is the download link for Alistair Livingston's thesis on the Galloway Levellers, which casts fresh light on the 1724 uprising.